ZIVA Professional Equipment – Our aspiration is to create a suite of products, content, and digital solutions that travel beyond functionality to inspiration, equipping athletes and enthusiasts with the means to archive greatness.

Infinity X

Functional training stations the way you’ve never seen them before. Sleek designs and colorways with multiple configurations to accommodate any training space. Versatile integrated storage and training attachments with a myriad of exercise options. Endless opportunities to attain your best.

Commercial Strength


The ageless training tools which have inspired fitness revolutions over and over again throughout the world. Free weights, benches, racks and the other essential gym equipment to facilitate strength and hypertrophy training.

Commercial Performance

A blend of established and contemporary training tools catered to athletic and performance training environments. Products popularity utilized for speed, balance, power, and other types of competitive modalities.

Commercial Group X


ZIVA weights, storage, and accessories specially curated for group and class exercise environments and events. Training tools to help facilitate and optimize multi-person simultaneously executed exercise.

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