Developed by PMHC Co. Synchronized Monitoring Analysis Recording Care (SMARC) has been designed as a safe medical rehabilitation and functional fitness tool, integrating software functionalities to track and analysis progress for its users.


A complete series of 8 functional training equipment, with the patented integration of hardware and software, designed to relief pain, improve functional capacity, rehabilitate injuries, while enhancing hand-eye coordination.

Key Features

Synchronized Feedback

Interactive audio and visual feedback will prompt users on how to safely execute proper forms and exercise techniques.

Real Time Feedback

Customisable target parameters: Inital/Terminal Point (ROM), Velocity and Load, on different levels of difficulty.  With both Digital Biofeeback and Real-time Motion Feedback, users are able to enhance their cognitive capabilities while improving hand-eye coordination.

Real-time Feedback

Quality of Movement

SMARC equipment have been specially designed for closed chain kinetic movement with corresponding move-set through functional range of movement, users will be able to experience effective and functional training with natural movement.

Bio-Kinetic & Ergonomic Design

SMARC has designed a complementary link system, allowing users to synchronize limb and body movements with every action initiated, mimicking natural body movement.

Corresponding Movement Link

Quantifiable Feedback

Numerical data of all motion parameters will be displayed, in real-time during training sessions. Motivating users with actual statistical data.

Performance Analysis

Training progress can be monitored, recorded and analysed easily. Enabling users view of up-to-date progress and improvements.

Statistical Summary & Radar Graph

Bio-Kinetic Seats


Seats are built in with Sit-to-Rotate functionality to increase the range of natural movement during exercise, yet with the ability to be locked into place when needed.

Quick Adjustment

SMARC seats includes a quick release handle, allowing easier and more accessible entry/ exit for seniors and the movement impaired.

Adjustable Seat Position

Front & Back positionable seats to accommodate users of varying heights.

Lumbar Support Safety Pads

The SC101 comes with additional Lumbar support pads, stabilizing and protecting users while training.


SMARC equipment features “nearly zero” inertial force with smooth & consistent resistance, providing no impact on joints for a safer and more enjoyable training experience.

Standard safety features available on all models:

  • Seat Belt
  • Angle Limiter
  • Side Protection Bar
  • Wrap-around Lumbar Support

Characteristics of EMS Resistance

When applying force to a movement with SMARC, the load and velocity will always increase proportionally and will not snap back into place when force is removed midway.

Charateristics of EMS Resistance

SMARC Equipment

SMARC - smart upper sling
SMARC - smart tilt 2
SMARC - smart arc
SMARC - smart core 2
SMARC - smart psoas 2
SMARC - smart coxa 2
SMARC - smart lower sling 2
SMARC - smart cross sling 2

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