Demand for versatile training options has increased over the past few years and Queenax holds a global leadership position. Highly versatile, space-efficient and modular, Queenax allows operators to make the most of their valuable floor space, and offers endless training options. The streamlined appearance makes any fitness facility look attractive while leaving room for other activities.

  • Compact wall mounted solution
  • Ideal for 1:1 personal training
  • Easily augmented for storage
  • Suited to for small fitness studios
  • Space-efficient configuration
  • Easily expanded for 4 users
  • Thoughtful storage keeps the exercise floor clear
queenax the format
  • Fixed to the ground free-standing unit
  • Circuit and small group training
  • Functional and suspension training
  • Plenty of storage for easy access

Zero Space. Wall-to-Wall. Group Training.

Creates a unique environment for large group classes with unlimited possibilities

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