SMARTfit Trainer Mini

The SMARTfit™ Trainer  Mini is designed for cognitive speed training,  sports performance training, personal training, functional training and SGX for up to 6 participants.

The CPU incorporates a scoreboard, time clock, a system/game interface, and hi-fidelity sound system used for auditory instructions, game tones, and songs.Game settings can turn off groups of targets not needed for a particular drill which allows for the full spectrum of play by all skill and ability levels of participants.

Sensitivity areas are customizable to suit the equipment being used, such as hands, noodle, medicine ball or any air-filled sports ball. Language options: English, Spanish, French and German.

Participants play cognitive games while running, playing ball, balancing, and doing core stabilizing exercises and learning to think under pressure, applying strategy and technique while managing footwork, balance, ball control, speed and agility all while having fun.

Alphanumeric targets displaying colors, numbers, letters or symbols drive cognitive games such as: Chase the Alphabet forward and backward, Find Smiley, Tackle the Number Sequence, Counting Forward and Backward, Lights Out Race, Memory, Simon Says, Tic-Tac-Toe, Rallywall (like racquetball), Action Math, and Symbols and Shapes.

Targets are triggered by striking them with a hand, foot, ball, bat, bean bag, or hand weight, creating a unique and highly stimulating environment for producing rapid training in cognitive speed, neurological and physical fitness.

Unique to the SMARTfit™  Mini is it’s ability to utilize the wired or wireless SMARTfit™ Performance Pods to extend the interactive areas, enabling a 360 degree playing space!

SMARTfit™ Trainer Mini requires a minimum of 6’ x 6’ of playing area and an ideal of 8’ x 20’ if running is included. Installed on a wall it takes up only 2.5” of depth. Extend the system with wireless Performance Pods to create a 360 degree playing environment.

SMARTfit™ Trainer Mini – 4′ W x 4′ H system with 5 targets for 1 – 6 players

The SMARTfit™ Trainer Mini: 4’ x 4’ incorporates 5 LED multi-colored, alpha-numeric targets, and a CPU including a sound system, time clock, scoreboard and push-button user interface.

Recommended for 1 – 5 users.

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