SMARTfit ProTrainer

The SMARTfit™ ProTrainer consists of between 2 and 6 joined panels, now incorporating 9 targets per panel, can operate as one integrated target wall, or, with each panel operating as a competing station.

This option is perfect for any sports training facility as it offers a wide multi-target rebound wall for training any of the ball sports.

The ability to identify a precise reading on where a strike is made provides a powerful tool for precision training and lateral movement training while also allowing for settings to measure larger playing areas for beginners.

Alphanumeric targets displaying colors, numbers, letters or symbols drive cognitive games such as: Chase the Alphabet forward and backward, Find Smiley, Tackle the Number Sequence, Counting Forward and Backward, Lights Out Race, Memory, Simon Says, Tic-Tac-Toe, Rallywall (like racquetball), Action Math, and Symbols and Shapes.

Targets are triggered by striking them with a hand, foot, ball, bat, bean bag, or hand weight, creating a unique and highly stimulating environment for producing rapid training in cognitive speed, neurological and physical fitness. The ability to also operate as a multi-station system, where each panel can operate as a station for up to 8 players per station, makes the ProTrainer a perfect installation for Sports performance training, sports team training, PE and Group X classes.

The CPU incorporates a time clock and high fidelity sound system which delivers audio tones, cues, voice instruction for use in large rooms and gyms. Game settings can turn off groups of targets not needed for a particular drill which allows for the full spectrum of play by all skill and ability levels of participants.

Sensitivity areas are customizable to suit the equipment being used, such as hands, noodle, medicine ball or any air-filled sports ball. Language options: English, Spanish, French and German.

Popular Options

SMARTfit™ ProTrainer 3 – Group X between 18 and 24
2x ProTrainer 3 systems – side-by-side or on opposite sides of a gym – Sports Performance Training for an entire team.

Participants play cognitive games in teams while running, playing ball, balancing, and doing core stabilizing exercises and learning to think under pressure, applying strategy and technique while managing footwork, balance, ball control, speed and agility all while having fun.

  • Applications – Cardio, functional, core and high intensity cognitive training for Sports Performance Training, Group X, Elementary, Middle and High school PE & Adapted PE, Sports programs, Personal Training, Boomer and Senior fitness classes, Medical Fitness & Rehab
  • Space Requirements – Non-dedicated space in existing gyms or multi-purpose rooms. Each system requires a minimum of 15′ of wall space and extends only 2.5” off the wall.
  • Professional Installation and Training – Our experienced team installs and offers customized training to meet your needs.
  • Free software upgrades – for the life of your system.
  • Durability, Warranty and Service – Designed for long-term durability, all Multisensory Fitness products are also covered by our exclusive Platinum Service Plan

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