SC108 SMART Cross Sling

Training Objectives

Maintain Mobility & Symmetric Performance

  • Total Body (Upper Extremities, Trunk & Lower Extremities)

Enhance Coordination & Dynamic Stability

  • Total Body (Upper Extremities, Trunk & Lower Extremities)

Facilitate Functional & Diagonal Movement

  • (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation-P.N.F.)
  • Total Body (Upper Extremities, Trunk & Lower Extremities)

Target Groups / Applications

Middle Age Sub-Healthy Adult

  • Shoulder & Neck Syndrome
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Pressure Relief Management
  • Lower Extremity Edema


  • Improve Functional Capacity of Total Body
  • Total Body Aerobic Training

Neurological Disorder

  • Functional Movement Training in sitting Position
  • Pre-Gait Training in Sitting Position

Equipment Specifications

Console 8″ TFT Touch Screen / USB Compatible
Programming Fitness – 4 Modes / Medical – Customised
Data Display Velocity / Duration / Repete / Set / R.O.M. / Watts / Load / Level
Resistance System EMS (Electro-Magnetic System)
Resistance Levels Level 1 – 20
Unit Size 1548 L x 901 W x 1269 H
Unit Weight 100.2 Kg
Seat Swivel 180° (45° Locking Intervals)
Safety Feature Seat Belt

Product Demonstration

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