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Power ERG™

Power Erg™ is a commercial grade, fluid resistance functional trainer, allowing alternating, symmetrical and diagonal arm pulls that support a full body pulling movement working both the upper and lower extremities. By combining body weight and fluid resistance, the PowerZone Power Erg™ achieves an impact free workout.

Targeting the core, triceps, lats, glutes and quads, Power Erg™ creates an inertial mass that is not only influenced by Fluid Force but also the load of your own body weight as you push up from a squat position.

Featuring FDF’s patented twin tank, Power Erg™ delivers 10 powerful levels of Fluid Force encouraging you to train at peak power by creating optimal resistance throughout the entire range of motion.

Key Features


  • 10 x Fluid Force


  • Bluetooth auto-adjust monitor –real timepower in watts per repetition


  • Wide footplates for maximum stability


  • Rotating pulley for diagonal chopping patterns
  • Independent arm resistance for bilateral and unilateral movement


  • Large diameter Dyneema cord
  • Transport wheels for easy positioning and storage


  • Suitable for rehabilitation and sports applications


  • Compact footprint: 1450mm x 810mm (57.09″ x 31.89″)
  • Upright storage: 81mm x 2100mm (3.19″ x 82.68″)
  • Max User Weight – 180kg (396.83lb)

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