All Legs Speed Builder

The ultimate tool for athletes of every ability, the All Legs Speed Builder adds versatility, portability, and resistance to any lower-body strength exercise.


  • Two 48″ Slastix
  • Two All Legs Ankle Straps
  • One Anchor

Are you a gym addict? Trying to shed a few pounds? Simply love to be in great shape? If any of these descriptions fit you, then you have to try the All Legs Speed Builder. This awesome tool comes with two four-foot Slastix, two ankle straps, and an anchor. The ankle straps are very unique because they have three different attachment points. If you want resistance from the front, the back, or the bottom, you can make it happen. This unique option allows you to gain the power that you have always thought impossible. This training tool will allow you to get the legs you have always desired while working the core like you have never imagined. No matter what your goals may be, the all leg speed builder will give you the workout you are looking for. It’s time to become the athlete you have always wanted to be!

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