20′ Insane Bolt 2

Increase both your stride length and frequency, two key elements of speed. Increase your speed with the power of resistance training!




Does your sport require speed? If it does, then this product is for you. This product will help increase both your stride length and frequency, which are two key elements of speed. The Insane Bolt 2 operates similarly to the Leapfrog™, but with a longer 20-foot Slastix®, it now develops athletes’ form and sprinting strength. With the Slastix at a near maximum stretch (60 feet) between them, athletes begin sprinting simultaneously.The trail runner, propelled by the lead runner’s pull and Slastix® resistance, experiences the mechanics of running faster while opening his stride length; during this time, the lead runner trains within the acceleration phase. The drill ends once the Slastix loses tension. If you need speed, you need the Insane Bolt 2!

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