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Having the strength to endure and succeed is important not only for performance, but in life in general. Therefore, we innovate in order to provide effective tools and methods which will allow people to succeed when it matters.


The kBox4 is the latest generation of premium devices for flywheel training, based on sound scientific support.

The kBox4 comes in three different models, namely the kBox4 Active, kBox4 Lite and kBox4 Pro.


kBox4 Active Systems

One of the newest members of the kBox4 family, this is the robust entry-level device in our product line, ideal for gym studios, group classes, amateur athletes, and more.


kBox4 Lite Systems

Due to its low weight, at just 9.5kg, and incredible capabilities, including the built-in kMeter II feedback system, the kBox4 Lite is a hit among travelling teams and all kinds of facilities who wish to make the most out of their floor space.


kBox4 Pro Systems

The kBox4 Pro is set apart by its market leading maximum inertia, built-in kMeter II feedback system and larger surface area, loved by strength and conditioning coaches as well as physiotherapists and top-level personal trainers.



The kPulley2 is the ideal solution for horizontal exercises based on the same, scientifically proven flywheel technology as the kBox4.
Its versatile vertical design allows for the height of the attachment point to be quickly adjusted almost from floor to ceiling for a variety of movements.


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The LegExx is our first single-exercise flywheel training device intended for seated leg extension training. Besides the advantages offered by its variable resistance and eccentric loading capacity, the LegExx is uniquely mobile for a leg extension machine.

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