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Services and Specialisations

Gym Consultancy

From fitness programmes and wellness solutions to gym builds and cutting edge equipment.

Gym Design & Fittings

State-of-the-art fitness equipment and accessories.

Workshops & Certification

Enhance your training capabilities with certification courses of the latest fitness programs.

Reconditioning & Leasing

Workshops and training on basic maintenance and servicing procedures on all our equipment.

After Sales & Support

48-hour response time for critical equipment repairs.

Precor Commercial Catalogue

Discover the next addition to your facility with the Precor commercial catalogue. Everything in our robust portfolio of cardio and strength equipment is designed with best-in-class features, durability and ergonomics to give your exercisers an outstanding experience.

Get the details on the full range of Precor products and services, including our newest offerings:

  • New colour options for the Experience™ Series cardio line
  • Queenax® and Assault Fitness products for group training
  • Spinner® Chrono™ Power and Spinner® Climb™ bikes
  • TRM 731 interval treadmill to support HIIT training
  • More upholstery colours for Discovery™, Vitality™ and Icarian® Strength lines
  • Entertainment and media apps, and Bluetooth® for Preva® Networked Fitness

Preva® Networked Fitness

Preva® networked fitness is the inspired connection of people and the technology that helps operators and exercisers meet their goals. With Preva, operators can enhance business and drive revenue, while exercisers connect to a personalized fitness experience that engages and motivates.

Widest Range of Fitness Equipment

United Lifestyle only brings our clients the best brands and equipment the fitness industry has to offer.

We work very closely with other prestigious brands like: ReaxingVicore, miha bodytec, Spinning, Crosscore, along with many others. Offering you the most comprehensive selection of fitness equipment to suit any fitness needs.


Reax Board

Reax Board is an incredibly “smart” floor able to reproduce and generate sudden interferences during the movement. The training solutions are endless. Standard exercises, performed under stable and predictable conditions, become unpredictable and much more fun and effective. All muscles are activated and focus must always be kept high and steady.

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Queenax Functional Training System

Queenax is the world’s most unique, modular system that multiplies the training space with your room. Queenax will turn your single space into a multi-purpose training area with endless upgradable functional equipment.

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miha bodytec

miha bodytec combines the right ingredients to form a revolutionary system: The most innovative technology combined with optimal results and optimal comfort. The laptop-sized controller can be used without problems anywhere – portable while travelling or set up on an attractive stand.

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Vicore Core Bench

It’s simple: Vicore transfers your current workout to a whole new environment – one that forces your body to constantly adapt, returning exponentially more benefits for the same effort.

United Lifestyle Pte Ltd

We are in 5 major cities across the region and we specialise in bringing only the best fitness equipment the industry has to offer.

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